Dear Users,
        Since there are only 5 or less users used FOTA platform to withdraw tokens
        per month in the last 6 months, we are very sorry to notify all the users that
        we can only offer the platform functional service until the end of November.
        We are really sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you and we will process
        all the withdraw application through email of [email protected] after the end of
        November.After the end of November, if you need withdraw tokens, you need to use
        the resigtered email to send email to [email protected] with three attachments:
        1. Your passport ID photo;
        2. The selfie of yourself while holding your passport;
        3. The amount of your tokens and your receiving address.
        FOTA Team
        31st, October, 2020

        致以歉意,平臺功能性提幣服務將於2020年11月底暫停。之後所有提幣申請將通過[email protected]
        發送郵件至[email protected],並隨附以下內容:
        1. 您的護照或者身份證照片;
        2. 您持有護照或者身份證的自拍照;
        3. 您在Fota的存儲幣種、數量與收幣位址。
        FOTA Team